Competition for teenagers

Fitness is a sport that is very popular among people of all ages, even among teenagers. The youngest fitness enthusiasts can test their skills during a specially organized competitions and tournaments for them.

Fitness competitions for teenagers are held in many Polish cities, however, a particular importance has the Fitness National Competition for Juniors, which always take place in early August in Warsaw. They can take part in them all teenagers who have passed regional qualifications. To participate in the competition are entitled persons who have completed 14 years of age, however, it is necessary to have a written consent of parents or other legal guardians. The winners will receive attractive prizes, among which are clothing and accessories, sports complexes of vitamins and minerals and other dietary supplements for athletes, appropriate for this age group. Fitness competitions for teenagers are very important events, because they offer an opportunity to promote this sport among young people, as well as other sports. Fitness competitions are an excellent opportunity to prove to them that they can derive a lot of pleasure from sport.

During the competitions, participants take part only in the disciplines which are carefully tailored to their age, which means that they are provided with full security. Also important is the fact that in this type of struggles is open to both girls and boys.